Dream Ministry

The Art of Dreamwork

The art of DREAMWORK can transform the dream into something meaningful in our daily lives.

The art of DREAMWORK presents a way to develop an awareness of the God who still speaks to us in the language of dreams.

“Dreams are mentioned frequently in the scriptures as means through which to discern the divine voice. If the Bible is our primary source for understanding the content of Christian faith, we would do well to take seriously the place of dreamwork in the Christian life,” says Professor Jonathan Linman.

The discipline of individual or group DREAMWORK integrates with other practices such as prayer, meditation, Bible study, journaling, spiritual direction and artistic expression.

The art of DREAMWORK is an adventure, a journey inward offering new tools for spiritual growth and discernment.

About Annette Thies

Annette is a Spiritual Director and Teacher with an M.A. in Theology and Christian Spirituality from The General Theological Seminary, New York, NY.

Annette has trained in dreamwork and uses the discipline in dream workshops and spiritual direction. She maintains a personal dream journal spanning over 20 years.

Excerpts from her Master's thesis, Dreamwork: A 21st Century Christian Spiritual Discipline, have been published in the 2004 Summer/Fall edition of The Rose, Issue 6.

"Through the years, I have found that working with dreams benefits spiritual seekers of all types – any age, background or educational level – for dreamwork offers a broad appeal and promises to capture some of the characteristics of dreams – their mystery, humor and deep insights." - Annette Thies



Dream workshops can be custom designed to suit your requirements. The format can be tailored for a weekend retreat or a series of regular meetings. If a series of two or three presentations on dreams is planned, the second occasion could offer participants a way to practice dreamwork for their own use in seeking insights and growth from their dreams. This presentation may include practical tips for remembering dreams and offers hands-on experience of dreamwork, a spiritual tool of lifelong value that is fun too.

Presentations may include one or more of the following:



-- Learn a practical method of working with your dreams to gain insights into your personal and spiritual life.

-- Dr. Montague Ullman writes, "In the new sense of self that dreams bring to light, they offer us the possibility of becoming whole, which is, of course, what healing is all about."


-- Experience a method of working with dreams in a group setting to develop your understanding of the language of dreams. A dream group offers a lively, structured process and the means of discovering the messages of dreams.

-- The Rev. Barbara Crafton, of The Geranium Farm, says, "I have seen small groups of very modern people resonate profoundly with Annette Thies' practice of the ancient art of dream interpretation. Joseph (and the other Joseph) were right: God speaks to us in dreams sometimes."


Annette Thies' published works: [click on a link below to read]

St. Barts Dream Group NYC from The Rose - Summer/Fall 2007 Issue 12

Thesis excerpt from The Rose - Summer/Fall 2004 Issue 6

St. Bart's Dream Forum - August 11, 2013

Annette Thies, MA, spiritual director and dream guide since 1997, was the Rev. Lynn Sanders’ Forum guest.

Listen in and learn some surprising things about your dreams!

Listen on St. Bart's website.


Sampling of comments from Dream Group Participants:

"I loved the group last night. I felt I got so much out of the sharer's dream. You really help to make the group a fulfilling experience."
- EN, Hoboken, NJ

“Awesome! I love this process! The dream gave me discomfort but the group has brought it to light in different way.”
- BI, New York, NY

“Wonderful! I deeply appreciate your insights. Sharing a dream, there’s the benefit of community. We can all learn from it.”
- SDM, Trenton, NJ

“I’m amused by this, it’s fun, intriguing. It’s got my attention.”
- AD, Asheville, NC

“You have really opened me up to myself. I’m flooded by information!”
- JS, Madison, CT

“I could hear the Holy Spirit speaking through each of you.”
- MDW, New York, NY


Annette Thies' published works: [click on a link below to read]

St. Barts Dream Group NYC from The Rose - Summer/Fall 2007 Issue 12

Thesis excerpt from The Rose - Summer/Fall 2004 Issue 6

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